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A writing service dedicated to helping you be the difference in a pile of similarities.

Hello and welcome,

My name is Arlena Newson, I am a Writer, Life Coach & Notary Public.  I created the King's Penman which is a writing service dedicated to polishing your ideas and your image to provide you with the guidance necessary to navigate toward a successful path. Instead of investing in things with minimal return, consider investing in yourself.

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. I can assist by helping you with being the difference in a pile of similarities.

How I Help

Job Seeker Services

Resume writing, LinkedIn profile updates, Interview coaching, and more.  I help you put your best foot forward when searching for the job you want.  

Find Your Way Services

Perfect for the student looking for the next step!  I assist with career path exploration as well as proofreading and editing scholarship or college essays and tutoring.

Freelance Services

Writing white papers, speeches, business letters, articles, and more.  I can assist you with a wide variety of your writing needs.

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